There's Nothing Quite Like a Home Cooked Meal

Sofie's take on Grant Achatz's  vegetable farrow stew . 

Sofie's take on Grant Achatz's vegetable farrow stew

There's nothing I love more than receiving photos from friends, family, or clients of healthy dishes they've made at home.  The photos in this post are compliments of my friend Sofie and my mom, both of whom made recipes that I recently posted on my blog.

It makes me so happy to see others investing in their own health by preparing wholesome meals at home. Home cooking is one of the most important things you can do to take control of your health and wellbeing. As Michael Pollan says,  "The best marker of a healthy diet was whether the food was cooked by a human being."  According to Pollan,  healthy people - in all socio-economic ranks - are those who eat primarily home cooked meals, rather than fast food or prepared foods. 

As we all know, food prepared by restaurants and packaged foods are loaded with salt, fats and sugar. All of those things are okay in moderation (particularly salt and fat), but regularly consuming them in excess can quickly lead to weight gain, poor digestion, mood imbalances, reduced immunity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor cardiovascular health, and the list goes on.  

Every week, regardless of how busy I am, I plan out at least two days where I commit a few hours to cooking. This is a non-negotiable date I set with myself to ensure that cooking and meal prep doesn't fall by the wayside. Cooking at home takes work, but if you make it a priority, it will happen.

Cooking at home also presents a great opportunity to spend time with your partner, family or friends. Whether it's a dinner for two, four or a big dinner party, there's a primal sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from preparing, cooking and eating with others.  Relish in that! 

My mom's take on the  chickpea vegetable stew . 

My mom's take on the chickpea vegetable stew

People often tell me they'd happily eat at home if they could make the foods that I make. Since I've launched my Facebook page and blog, I'm sure you've noticed that I'm not shy about sharing the recipes I've tried. Most of the recipes I post will be easy (often "one pot" easy) or will contain basic, whole foods, and lots of veggies. I will throw in a few healthy desserts from time to time as well. I will keep sharing recipes as I hope this will inspire you to cook at home!