Tired of the same old recipes? Are you struggling to add more plant-based foods to your diet but worried your meals may not be balanced? Are you looking to gain confidence in the kitchen and a better understanding of nutrition? If you're having difficulty in any of these areas, Plant-Based Breakthrough is exactly what you've been looking for.  No matter where you're at in your health journey, this program will guide you as you make diet and lifestyle changes that will set the stage for the months and years ahead. 

Time and time again, studies have shown that plant-based diets are both the healthiest and most sustainable for people and our planet. With that in mind, holistic nutritionist & chef,  Amy Longard, developed Plant-Based Breakthrough to help people add more plants to their plates. By design, the 4 week program focuses on meal planning, whole foods, balanced and tasty recipes, and positive lifestyle changes to make it easier and more fun to embrace a plant-based diet. Depending on individual goals, participants of the program may experience weight loss, improved digestion, a reduction in inflammation, less sugar cravings, increased energy, and more! 
Here's how it works...

Plant-Based Breakthrough is a seasonal online nutrition program. The next cohort starts FALL 2018. This is what you can expect during the 4 week program: 

  • A detailed and comprehensive Plant-Based Breakthrough guide outlining the program
  • An introduction to plant-based whole foods
  • Weekly plant-based and (mostly) gluten free recipes and grocery lists
  • Greater clarity around what to eat and what to avoid
  • 1 hour program launch webinar
  • Weekly private online group nutrition webinars that you can attend from the comfort of your own home hosted by Amy and guest experts.  The 45 minute accountability webinars will be topical, provide the opportunity to connect with other members, ask questions, etc.  **If you cannot attend the live webinars, you will receive the audio/video recordings and appropriate hand-outs via email
  • Regular emails with nutrition information & culinary tips
  • Access to the private Facebook group to share and learn with other participants

Are you ready for a diet and lifestyle breakthrough?  If the answer is yes, let's get started! 

Normally all of these services combined would be valued at well over $500, however this program is offered at an exclusive rate of $199 per person.   

Do you have any questions or want more information? Feel free to contact Amy or request to join the Plant-Based Breakthrough Community page on Facebook. 

P.S. In case you're curious, here are a few testimonials from people who have participated in Amy's nutrition programs in the past: 

"I wanted to let you know that although I had no idea what this PBB group would bring, it has actually changed both my relationship to food and my thinking about nourishment of my body.  I've long been a pretty "healthy" eater, but not really looked at food as something that can truly nourish me while bringing me sensory pleasure (i.e. I thought that all really yummy food was bad for you - cheese, chips, sweets, etc).  What I've learned is not only that its easy to get your 7-10 servings of veggies a day but that eliminating much of the "bad" foods wasn't nearly as hard as I thought and that I absolutely LOVE what I have replaced them with - sauerkraut, kimchi, coconut milk, homemade hummus, etc.  I still am eating everything I used to, just in smaller quantities, and I don't miss it at all."  - Emilie W, Ottawa

"Great support, information, and connections. I loved that it was focused on overall wellness and not only the diet. That was awesome!" - Jessie P, Ottawa

"This experience has been 100% positive for me. Overall, I would say I am feeling better. Your 4 week challenge has definitely helped me to lower my sugar, dairy and caffeine intake as well as up my water and veggie intake." - Shanda P, Ottawa
"Loving the improvements I've made in my diet, and being more active and more mindful of what and when I eat." - Erin M, Ottawa