Hi, I'm Amy! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm a registered holistic nutritionist (R.H.N.) and plant-based chef based in Ottawa, Canada. As a nutritional consultant and health coach, I'm passionate about helping people overcome health challenges and reaching their goals. Whether it's weight loss, improved digestion, or simply adapting better eating habits, I aim to support my clients as they work towards healthier, more balanced lives. 

Because many things contribute to our overall wellbeing, there is no set template for optimal health.  Over the years, I've changed and adapted my diet and my habits in order to find balance, health and happiness. In doing so, I've been able to eliminate lingering health issues, reduce stress and anxiety, while drastically improving my sleeping habits. 

Dealing with my own health struggles was the impetus for me to make a huge career change and dive in to the world of healthy food and nutrition. In September 2012, after a 10+ year career in strategic communications, fundraising and event planning, I left my  job with the federal goverment and moved from Ottawa to New York City to attend the Chef's Training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute. As part of my culinary training, I spent a lot of time slicing and dicing veggies, learning how to modify recipes to make them healthier,  and I interned at Le Verdure, Mario Batali's vegetarian restaurant in Eataly NYC.  

While I was in culinary school, I became increasingly aware of the food I ate and how it affected me.  I wanted to know WHY and HOW food can support health. As a next step, I moved back to Ottawa and enrolled in the Holistic Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to take a deeper look at human health and its connectedness to food, environment, lifestyle factors, etc.

After graduating from CSNN, I launched Amy Longard Nutrition. Through 1-on-1 nutrition coaching, cooking lessons, and workshops, I'm able to help my clients reach their nutrition and wellness goals and overcome health challenges. Please click on the "services" tab above for more information on both my nutrition and culinary services. If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to work together, please reach out to me!

Yours in good health,