A Decluttered Space Is Good For Your Health: Q & A with Kelsey Marion

Since starting my business I've been forced to learn (and unlearn) so many things and create new habits to help manage my ever-changing schedule.  I've never been an organized person, in fact, I was probably the opposite of organized, and starting a business was a big wake-up call for me.  

Somebody once told me that a cluttered space creates a cluttered mind. That really stuck with me.  Over the last couple years I've slowly been working towards tidying up in various aspects of my life. Like anyone on the quest for less clutter I've read Marie Kondo's book The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing (I highly recommend it, by the way) and I've been applying her principles.  Most recently, I even won a contest which included a session with home organizer Kelsey Marion. Kelsey is an easy-going, yet professional and completely non-judgemental lover of all things organization. She runs the business Get Sorted. Organizing is a pain point for me, but for Kelsey it's a passion. Since our initial visit she's been to my house several times and whenever she leaves I feel lighter, less stressed and definitely more in comfortable in my living space. 

I truly believe that living and working in an environment that feels good is important for physical, mental,  spiritual wellbeing, not to mention creativity, productivity, and so on. That doesn't necessarily mean a tidy, decluttered space is the answer for everyone, but for me personally, I felt overwhelmed by my surroundings and that's why meeting Kelsey was so serendipidous. Kelsey and I have spoken at length about organization and tidiness, and she has also taken some time to share her insights for my blog. Read on to learn more about Kelsey, the connection between decluttering and health, dealing with clutter related stress and quick tips for organization. 

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Amy: What drew you to organizing and ultimately starting your business?
I used to be a disorganized person - across the spectrum; in school, financially, socially, work. I collected many items that were not serving a purpose in my life. I didn't recognize how my disorganized behaviors were negatively affecting my life until I was in University. I really became frustrated with myself and knew I needed to unlearn my behaviors/habits. After years of self reflection and research of decluttering and realistic organizing techniques that would benefit me I felt a huge weight lifted. After feeling this great I knew others would feel amazing too. Get sorted was formed out of the desire to help others reach their organizing goals and it's been a rewarding experience ever since!

Amy: Is there a connection with an organized and decluttered space and a healthy mind & body?
Kelsey: Yes!!! When we are living in clutter we cannot focus at our fullest potential. By reducing the clutter to items that actually make sense for your life we have the space to make positive changes and/or form routines in our lives. We are not wasting time digging through clutter to find items. By decluttering and being more organized we reduce feeling overwhelmed by the mess (less mess = less stress). I find when a kitchen is more organized it is more inviting to cook in. Overall, it enhances the chances to feel less stressed or guilty, and more room to function and motivated to make healthier choices.

Amy: Clutter and mess can feel overwhelming. Do you have tips for getting over the initial stress of tidying? 
Kelsey: Do not try to do everything at once! For example, "I want to organize my entire home today". This will only make you feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Take it one cabinet/ dresser/ closet at a time. Create realistic goals for yourself, especially if you are doing this on your own. If you're at the point of complete overwhelm, I highly recommend hiring a professional organizer to book a consultation to explore your options. 

Amy: Can you share a few organizing tips that my readers could practice on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that'll make it easier to keep their space organized?
Kelsey: Definitely, I recommend trying the "one-minute rule";
• instead of placing your plate in the sink - place it in dishwasher (or better yet, clean it!)
• hang your coat on the rack or hang up instead of throwing on floor. 
• empty your kid(s) lunch bag after school/ camp instead of leaving dirty containers and wrappers overnight.
Little actions like this help maintain order in your life. You don't need to have a "show-room" space 24/7; I tell my clients you want realistic goals. As long as the home feels functional to maintain that is the ultimate win! 

Want to connect with Kelsey? Visit her website or find her on Instagram and Facebook