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Prior to hiring Amy as my nutritionist, I suffered from very bad migraines. I met with Amy and through her thorough analysis, she was able to pin point the food in my diet that may be causing my migraines and recommended a very specific nutrition plan. I can proudly say that four months after starting on nutrition plan, my migraines are gone and I've lost 10 pounds! Thank you Amy! 

- Serge, Ottawa

I met Amy to obtain an assessment and a 3-day meal plan that would fit my busy schedule while allowing me to improve my health and maintain a balanced diet. The meeting process was quick and Amy was able to provide me with a detailed analysis and recommendations that would improve and benefit my overall health and specific issues I had. The meal-plan was budget friendly and the recipes were delicious and quick to make. This was important to me as my schedule allows little time to cook. I was most pleased with the results and delighted that Amy was able to provide me with services and guidance tailored to my needs. I would definitely recommend anyone to meet with Amy for any nutritional issues or for an overall evaluation. You will not be disappointed.

-Marie-Pierre, Ottawa

Amy helped get my husband and I in tip-top health before our wedding. Amy really knows her stuff, and we were both so grateful for how well she accommodated our taste. Following Amy’s program we had more energy, and best of all, we truly never felt deprived. It really felt like Amy’s plan was geared so specifically for us, and her guidance was very motivating. It sounds a bit cheesy, but Amy really cares about what she does and who she works with!

-Rachael, Ottawa

I was fortunate to have Amy assess my overall health and diet.  Amy was able to identify a persistent health issue and provided me with simple dietary recommendations that were easy to incorporate and that eliminated my problem.  Amy not only provided dietary suggestions, but also gave me a meal plan which included healthy recipes that were delicious, inexpensive and easy to make.  I really appreciated that Amy explained how and why particular foods were effecting my health and often sent me additional information to consider.  With Amy’s help and only minor dietary adjustments I was able to lose weight and feel healthier both physically and mentally.  Amy’s professionalism and passion for what she does is evident.  She has a way of making anyone who comes to see her feel comfortable and is extremely knowledgable.  I have learned and continue to learn a lot from Amy and would recommend her services to anyone!

-Heather, Ottawa

Amy is passionate about helping people live healthier lifestyles and that is evident with her dedication to always learning and gaining new experiences. She takes the time to learn about your lifestyle, concerns and goals, all the while making you feel at ease.  Amy came up with attainable changes that I was able to incorporate into my daily life.

- Mark, Halifax